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Childbirth Education Classes
Placenta Encapsulation Services

When a women gives birth and delivers the placenta, she loses all the nutrients contained in the placenta soon after. By ingesting the placenta, she is able to replace the nutrients and hormones lost. The placenta is rich in hormones, protein, vitamins, and iron. Placenta encapsulation is the process of preparing the placenta for ingestion after the birth by dehydration, powdering and encapsulating  for use as the mother sees fit. Placenta Encapsulation has been shown to have MANY benefits!

I offer classes for general knowledge and preparation as well as movement for comfort for those planning a natural childbirth all in the comfort of your own home.

I am available to meet with you to review your birth preferences in depth and together write a birth plan that accurately reflects your needs and desires. With this service you can be sure you will cover all issues and options that may arise at your upcoming birth!


Additionally, the Birth and Beyond Package includes all visits and preparation included in the Doula Services package with the exception of actual presence at the labor. We review all your options for your upcoming birthing experience, review childbirth education on a personal level and prepare a postpartum plan for after labor as well as a visit shortly after your birth to assess you comfort level and ease the transition to new family life!

Please contact me for further information today!

The Keepsake Collection is comprised of one or all of the keepsakes offered. I offer placenta prints in its organic state or customized color patterns, a umbilical cord keepsake where the cord is dried into a particular shape and placed in a organza bag for storage, and a custom necklace of your placenta in glass.


A beautiful way to memorialize the time you and your baby spent joined together! 

Birth Plan Preparation and Birth and Beyond Preparation
Keepsake Collection

Birth Services​


In addition to doula services, the birth services below are offered to provide you with additional options to enhance your birthing experience!


*Please use the menu above for more information about all of the birth services offered.

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