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Sibling Care Doula Services


Your little ones are special members of your growing family. They deserve and need as much support as anyone else! Your family will decide whether your older children are emotionally able to witness and/or participate during the labor and birth of your next baby. If you conclude that your children are willing to be at the birth of their sibling, you may desire an experienced birth companion to help them prepare and understand the feelings, sights, sounds, and scents they will encounter. To help prepare him/her for the birth I will:


*Meet with the child several times before birth to build rapport and trust


*Help them understand what to expect as mama enters the phases of labor, birth and postpartum


*Read them books with illustrations or photos to help them visualize and normalize the events


*Show them pictures of the baby developing in the womb


*If you like, show them videos of a baby being born to prepare them and gauge their reactions


*During labor and birth, explain in words that are easily understood what changes are taking place


*Take them to the waiting room or elsewhere if they are feeling overwhelmed or frightened or have a bunch of energy that could distract mama from her labor process


*Reconnect with the family postpartum to see how you all are coping with the new addition to your family


*Provide the older sibling(s) with photos that document their experience of the birth



*Note: All content and interactions with your child(ren) are approved by you before presenting to them.

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