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Doula Services


As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Free Consultation 

I offer a free meet and greet to get to know you and your family as well as for you to familiarize yourself with me and my philosphy as a doula. 

Assistance with the writing of your Birth Plan

I will review all of your birth prefernces in depth with you and provide assistance in the writing of your birth plan.

Two Prenatal Visits and Attendance to one OB visit

I feel it is important to establish a great relationship with my clients which I why I feel a minimum of two prenatal visits are crucial in developing a relationship. I attend an OB appointment if desired to introduce myself as well as aid the the presentation of your birth plan to your provider. Additional visits if needed will be scheduled.

24/7 Telephone and Email Support 

I am available to you as needed during pregnancy, early labor and postpartum for any of your needs as well as for email consultations for additional information.

Continuous Support During Labor

I will provide emotional, physical and informational support to you and your labor partner throughout the labor and delivery process. I will provide encouragement as well as tips and aid for comfort and the progress of your labor. In addition, I provide support for your needs and desires throughout the labor empowering you to make decisions to fulfill your quest for a beautiful birthing experience.

Baby’s first feeding Support 

I will remain with you for 1-3 hours after delivery to aid in your comfort and needs as well as support you through your first feeding with your newborn baby.

Postpartum Visit

I provide one postpartum visit to ensure your wellbeing as well as lactation support as needed. Additional visits will be offered for extenuating circumstances.

Perform any clinical tasks

Make decisions for you 

Speak to the staff on your behalf

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience



My wishes are for you to enjoy and embrace your birthing experience

Recommedations and Referrals 

I will provide recommendations for reading materials and educational materials as well as referrals to professional services as needed or requested.

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