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I am truly grateful to have been a part of each of my client's birth journeys. Their kind and beautiful words and photos are truly appreciated!

Jessica Lafave, June 26, 2013


Lauren is an amazing doula. She supported my husband and me in so many ways. It is because of her that the birth of my first baby in June 2013 was a positive experience. She empowered me to take control of my birth!

Lauren was always so well prepared for our prenatal visits. As a first time mom, I was overwhelmed with information. Lauren took the time to review it all, from stages of labor, to potential medical interventials at the hospital and common procedures done to the baby after birth. She got to know my husband and me and how we function as a couple. The three of us collaborated to write our birth plan; she tailored it specifically to our wishes while providing her own guidance. We practiced positions and different techniques for labor. She even went to one prenatal visit to meet with my provider.

Lauren was not only there for physical support, but for emotional support as well. She was available via phone and email at ANY time of the day leading up to and after the birth. Her postpartum visits with me were an invaluable source of emotional support as I had the baby blues pretty bad.

I knew we were in good hands with her. I cannot imagine going through that entire process without her! My husband  and I are forever grateful for the support Lauren provided. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how impactful she was during such a pivitol moment in my life. Her kindness is genuine  and she is truly passionate about helping moms (and dads) achieve a beautiful birth.

Thank you, Lauren! xox.

Elizaveta Freinkman, Jan. 7, 2014
and Feb. 1, 2016


Lauren provided invaluable help and support to my husband and me before, during and after the (unmedicated) birth of our first daughter, Julia, on Jan. 7, 2014. Before the birth, Lauren was a fantastic resource, helping us to think carefully through our medical options in a nonjudgmental manner; serving as an unbiased source of information, including on topics (such as delayed cord clamping) that we had not learned about in childbirth class or in our own research; helping us practice relaxation techniques for use during labor; and staying in clear, reliable and supportive communication throughout the final weeks of my pregnancy. As for labor itself, my husband and I believe that Lauren's presence and support was instrumental in helping it go quickly and smoothly. Lauren made several key suggestions that relieved my pain, as well as reassuring me that labor was going well and -- very importantly for us -- assissting my husband in supporting me. I would not change anything about my labor and delivery, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Lauren as a doula for any pregnant woman, regardless of birth preferences.


Courtney Porter, Nov. 17, 2012


Lauren was our doula for our second birth, our son Isaac, in November. She was always well prepared, thorough and knowledgeable as well as available to answer our questions. She really helped us not only with the birthing process, but also in sibling preparation. Our birth process was surprisingly quick, but through our prenatal meetings Lauren knew how to anticipate my needs as the mother as well as support my husband. I truly do not think would have gone as well as they did if we did not have her by our side to coach us through. She is warm, passionate about birth, knowledgeable, available, and overall a person you will want at your birth and throughout the preparation. 

Thank you Lauren, Isaac's birth would not have gone as smoothly if we did not have you there! -- Courtney and Glen Porter

Lindsey, Nov. 18, 2019

Lauren is an excellent Doula! From the beginning, she made me feel very supported in developing my birth plan by carefully listening to what I desired and providing both my husband and I with very helpful information. Throughout pregnancy she was always there anytime I had a question or concern. She also helped me make important decisions. During labor she was the perfect, encouraging partner who helped me achieve my goal of an epidural-free childbirth. After my daughter was born she stayed by my side offering extremely valuable comfort and support as I recovered. During her postpartum visit with us (and outside of the visit via messages) she has remained engaged to ensure my daughter and I are doing well. As a first time Mom, I found Lauren to be essential and am so grateful she was there throughout the journey. I highly recommend her !

Elyse Rothman, March 24, 2015

Lauren was a spectacular doula. She met with us multiple times in advance of the birth to help us prepare and form a birth plan. She even came with me to a doctor's appointment so that my midwife and the staff that would be taking care of me at the hospital knew her, and knew my wishes. She had wonderful tips and advice for how to keep rested during early labor and how to cope with labor pains. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!  

Kim Marshall, July 25, 2013

Lauren is more than fantastic to work with! I recently just worked with Lauren for the second time, for my second birth. She is extremely reliable, knowledgeable, professional, and personal. During the pregnancy is always quick to answer all my concerns at anytime. During the birth she is again very supportive, knowledgeable and is a great support to my husband and mother who were in attendance at both births. They both have said that Lauren allows them to be more relaxed and are more able to enjoy the beautiful experience. Because of staffing at many hospitals nurses are not able to be with you all the time. Lauren did not leave my side once!

Emma Beth, Feb. 12, 2017

Choosing Lauren as our doula was the best decision my partner and I made for the birth of our first child. Looking back on the entire experience, we cannot imagine going through it without her. Lauren is an incredibly knowledgeable doula who is truly passionate about what she does. We had a birth plan that ultimately needed a lot of flexibility due to AMA, and it was Lauren's calm demeanor and guidance that were paramount to seeing us through many of the tough moments of childbirth. Near the beginning of our search for a doula, we took advantage of Lauren's in-home childbirth class. When Lauren left, no sooner had the door closed when my partner and I looked at each other simultaneously and said, "That's our doula!" Lauren is an amazing listener and took great effort to understand our desires for our birth plan. She is flexible in her approach and made us aware of all options and potential outcomes. She also took the time to get to know us both personally. When the big day was upon us, it felt like a friend was there to help guide us and welcome our daughter into the world. Our daughter's birth was a long experience; 3 days in total, with 24 hours of active labor. Lauren had the stamina, intuition and knowledge to help us navigate through some very rocky areas. Even while I slept, she remained close to me in case I needed anything. I felt protected and safe. She provided invaluable suggestions throughout the labor and her energy level never wavered. I know we would not have had such a positive experience without her. Even the hospital nurses remarked to me how much they loved working with her. She was our guide, advocate, and unwavering rock. Having her by our side through the most amazing experience of our lives was truly a blessing and we could not have imagined a better person to go through it with. Lauren is truly a gift to the doula profession.

Kim Marshall, April 8, 2019

Hello! I am writing another review for Lauren, 3 years later, because she is that awesome! She was with me for my first birth in 2013, then again in 2015. When I was expecting again in 2018 she had moved from my state, however she never hesitated to help with any questions or concerns I had when they came up for my 3rd pregnancy. I had another doula for my 3rd but Lauren is still my go too for all my issues while breastfeeding and raising 3 children! Lauren is amazing and never forgets about you!

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