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Placenta Encapsulation Services


When a woman gives birth and delivers the placenta, she loses all the nutrients contained in the placenta within days of delivery.​ By ingesting the placenta, she is able to replenish the nutrients that she has lost. The placenta is rich in hormones, protein, vitamins, and hemoglobin.


Some Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation include:

* Helps prevent postpartum depression

* Improves breastmilk supply

* Boosts postpartum energy levels 

* Aids in maternal responsiveness

* Balances hormone and nutrient levels

* Decreases the size of the uterus which may decrease postpartum bleeding

* May prevent iron deficiency anemia by replacing Iron and Vitamin B supplies



Placenta encapsulation is the process of preparing the mother's placenta for ingestion after the birth of her baby by dehydration, powdering and encapsulating for use as the mother sees fit.


How is the process completed?

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine method, the placenta is first steamed with herbs to enhance the effects, then it is dehydrated and ground into powder form, and finally encapsulated. The Raw method skips the steaming process and the placenta will be dehydrated, ground into powder form and then the capsules are filled. A 50/50 combination option is also available, ensuring you the benefits of both methods. The process typically takes 2 days to complete. The first day consists of preparing the placenta for dehydration and the drying process is started. The second day, the placenta is ground and encapsulated. The capsules are tasteless, thereby making it an easy way to replace nutrients lost. The entire process is completed in a careful and respectful manner ensuring reverence to the placenta and its purpose. 



The cost varies depending on the location and other items requested in your package. Typically, the cost is between $200 and $400.


Add-On Options

There are additonal options to add on to your encapsulation package for further benefits! Don't forget to ask about these great personal products!

Tinctures, 4oz bottles available 

Salve, a 2oz tin available

Placenta Cubes, 8 included

Keepsake Necklace

Herbal Sitz Baths, 12 individually prepared in unbleached muslin



Services and fees are for the preparation of the placenta, not for sale of the capsules. No specific benefits or effects are promised. Any benefits will vary between individuals. Some effects are supported by research; however, benefits have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. You must determine whether using placenta encapsulation may benefit you.


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